• Deep Sea Master Professional Title since 1985.
  • Professional Title for Safety and Ships’ Command since 1985.
  • Professional Title as Shipping Agent, Leghorn Chamber of Commerce since 1986.
  • Marine Surveyor – Registered at the Court of Leghorn since 1990 (Marine Surveyor and Expert and Judge Consultant).
  • REGINDE registered with access to telematics deposits.
  • Membership of the Nautical Institute of London (UK) since 2000.
  • Consociate Member of the Institute of Marine Engineers of London since 1994.
  • Full Member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying I.I.M.S. since 2011.
  • A Part of Register of Marine Surveyor – R.M.S. – U.K. & Worldwide since 2011.
  • Ship Security since 2003 (RINA Qualified)
  • Expert of ISPS CODE International Ship Port Security from 2003 (RINA Qualified).
  • Advisor for the Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Leghorn.
  • Quality – Safety – Environment – Ethics Food Safety Management Systems expert.
  • Lead Auditor for Quality System 9001:2005.
  • Lead Auditor for Environment System 14001:2015.
  • Lead Auditor for New Safety Norm 45001:2018.
  • Internal Auditor for Safety 18001:OHSAS:2007.
  • Internal Auditor for Food Safety Management Systems (22000: 2005 and GMP +) and Self-Control Methods HACCP.
  • Owner of S.T.A. qualified to carry out the activities of “Advice for the Circulation of Transportation Vehicles” pursuant to the Law of August 8, 1991 n. 264 and s.m.i. with n. 96/2013 issued by the Province of Livorno – Infrastructure and Planning Dept. – U.S. 1.2 “Mobility – Transport and Planning”, since 2013.
  • Inspector for the CE Marking (Directive 94/25 / EC – 2003/44 / EC), with Ministerial authorization, at the Notified European Body ISTITUTO GIORDANO.
  • Professional Title as Credit Broker since 2004.
  • Maritime Safety Instructor Contrast Piracy since 2011.
  • Expert of Marbles, Granites and Mining Products. List of Surveyors and Experts Milan Chamber of Commerce since 2008.

And others however connected to the marine activities.


The Company consists of a Staff with over twenty years of experience in the naval, legal and insurance sectors.

The staff of Soc. Brandimarte Marine srl has been adequately trained and sensitized.